Yuchai diesel generator set
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Choosing Yuchai engine, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large diesel engine manufacturer, internal combustion engine production base with complete product spectrum . The product has the characteristics of high reliability, high power, high ease of use and high economy. Establishing a marketing management system includes product sales, application development, after-sales service, accessories monopoly in one. Products are widely used in data centers, communications, electricity, oil, aquaculture, real estate and other fields. Shanhua is the OEM factory of Yuchai engine, keeping a good relationship.

Yuchai generator set

The advantages of Yuchai generator set
1. The supporting engines of Yuchai generator sets all use Yuchai self-produced diesel engine; Supporting alternators are from brand manufacturers ;
2. Digital control system : according to the different needs of users provides remote computer remote control, group control, telemetry, automatic parallel, automatic fault protection and other different functions ;
3. Strong power: under the altitude of 1000m can output nameplate rated power, and can output 110% of rated power in less than 1 hour;
4. Fuel consumption rate and lubricating oil consumption rate is less than similar domestic products;
5. Small vibration, low noise, high reliability;
6. Low emissions, meeting environmental requirements;
7. Product quality meets or exceeds the relevant national standards;
8. Service stations of Yuchai generator set will provide users fast and timely quality service.

Technical specification

HL30GF-HL2200GF Type Open / Silent / Trailer /  Container
Prime Power
30-2200KW Standby Power
Rated frequency
Rated Speed
Rated power factor
3 Start mode
Electronic start
Engine brand
Alternator brand
CE and ISO
Source factory
Warranty Period
1 year or 1000 running hours

Altitude:≤1000m(>1000m,Need to do power correction)

Ambient temperature: 40℃

Relative humidity:≤60%

Control System: The controller adopts microprocessor technology to realize the precision measurement, fixed value adjustment, timing, threshold setting and other functions of a variety of parameters. Most parameters of the controller can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller.

Yuchai generator set is small, lightweight, easy to operate and maintain, and is used as a backup power supply or main power supply in mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, as well as factories, enterprises, banks, residential communities, etc. Yuchai diesel generator set overall high cost performance, well received by customers.

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