Weichai diesel generator set
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Weichai generator

Weichai generator sets use engines independently developed and produced by Weichai. The products have high stability and high reliability, which greatly ensure the continuous operation of the equipment. With advanced technology and innovative consciousness, rigorous management system and sound service network, we continue to provide users with a full range of safe, efficient and complete power solutions. Weichai engine is well received by domestic and foreign customers for its durability, high performance and good operating economy.

* Small body, big energy

Compact structure, small size, strong adaptability, can meet the needs of small space and high-level power station requirements, large power density, the same displacement power is 49% higher than the competition

* Seiko quality reliable and durable

Gantry type body structure, strong bearing capacity, durable leather, long life

* Fuel economy control more "save"

Four-valve structure, high explosive pressure, efficient combustion, the engine commonly used operating range in the low fuel consumption zone

* Green engine quality assurance

Meet the national non-road third stage emission standards, green, low carbon, environmental protection

Technical specification
HL20GF-HL3000GF Type Open / Silent / Trailer /  Container
Prime Power
20-3000KW Standby Power
Rated frequency
Rated Speed
Rated power factor
3 Start mode
Electronic start
Engine brand
Weichai Alternator brand
CE and ISO
Source factory
Warranty Period
1 year or 1000 running hours

Standard Configuration

Weichai Engine

Shanhua brushless synchronous alternator

Intelligent controller (Smartgen, Deepsea)

Steel base frame

40℃ standard ambient temperature

Altitude≤1000m(>1000m,Need to do power correction)

Molded case circuit breaker

Float battery charger

Battery connect wire

Silencer, bellows, exhaust bendManual book and files

Weichai high-voltage generator set

Choosing ENGGA, EvoTec and other well-known brand alternators, which are high stability, high reliability, greatly extent to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment, providing customers with high-quality backup power.

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