Perkins diesel generator set
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Perkins generator

PERKINS generator sets use diesel engine of British Perkins  series , the serie of diesel engine power covers 4-2000kW(5-2800hp), with compact structure, rugged, strong and efficient, low fuel consumption, low emission characteristics, can be strong and fast start under harsh conditions.

Perkins engine enjoys stability, reliability, small volume, compact structure, nice appearance, easy to assemble and easy maintenance. This kind of engine can satisfy the requirement of customer with plenty of spare parts, timely technical support.

With a long history of producing more than 21 million engines and supported by 3,500 stores in 176 countries, Perkins provides comprehensive, reliable and customized power solutions to meet customers' specific power requirements.


More than 5,000 different applications are powered by Perkins engines. We help customers build roads and homes and we provide engines for both standby and prime electricity generation. Our industrial engines are powering the most complex of applications.

Emissions and Technology

Globally, there are increasingly stringent standards on emissions–and the technology we use ensures our products meet the standards wherever the engines are being used in the world.


Engine performance comes down to controlling engine speed: reaching operating speed, maintaining speed under load and responding to operator demands. Explore these elements and learn about cold starts, speed controls, torque backup, and more.
Technical specification
HL10GF-HL1800GF Type Open / Silent / Trailer /  Container
Prime Power
10-1800KW Standby Power
Rated frequency
Rated Speed
Rated power factor
3 Start mode
Electronic start
Engine brand
Perkins Alternator brand
CE and ISO
Source factory
Warranty Period
1 year or 1000 running hours

Operational Environment

Altitude:≤1000m(>1000m,Need to do power correction)

Ambient temperature: 40℃

Relative humidity:≤60%

The advantage of Perkins generator

1. Diesel engines are produced by Caterpillar of the United States and Rolls-Royce of the United Kingdom; The engines adopt European and American technology and have high strength wear-resistant materials;

2. Low fuel consumption, stable performance, easy maintenance, low operating cost, low emissions, noise level is kept at a low level;

3. The engine can operate for up to 6000 hours without trouble.

4. Perkins generator sets provide stable power output to meet the needs of different working conditions.

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