Users want to know a few tips to reduce diesel generator fuel consumption
Users want to know a few tips to reduce diesel generator fuel consumption
Oct 15, 2022
The diesel generator set is really convenient to use as the main and standby power supply, but the user may consider that if the diesel generator set is used for a long time, the fuel consumption is relatively high and the use cost is high. The rising diesel price increases the overall operation cost of the generator set. Therefore, Huali Electromechanical Group summarized some methods for saving fuel consumption of generator sets, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption of generator sets.
1. Select the diesel generator set with appropriate power, and do not select too large one to avoid high fuel consumption.

2. Pay attention to the normal maintenance of the generator set. Regular maintenance and parts inspection can extend the service life of the generator set. All components and engines can work normally, which can appropriately reduce fuel consumption.

3. Do not overload the generator set. When overloaded, it will emit black smoke, which is the emission of incomplete combustion of fuel. If the generator set is often surrounded by smoke, it will not only increase fuel consumption, but also shorten the service life of the unit.

4. Remove carbon deposits at regular intervals. The coke will increase the oil consumption and should be removed in time.

5. Choose high grade diesel oil, which can be used after being bought and deposited for a period of time.
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