Tiandi Mei brand spray machine, appearance level and quality are very good
Tiandi Mei brand spray machine, appearance level and quality are very good
Aug 8, 2020
Tiandi Mei remote sprayer USES high pressure to turn water mist into water droplets of the same size as dust. Because water droplets and dust particles are similar or the same, dust particles become moist due to their contact with water droplets during airflow operation.
The wet dust particles continue to adsorb other dust particles and gradually condense into particle groups, which settle due to their own gravity.

Tiandi Mei long range sprayer spray range from 20 meters to 200 meters, can meet the needs of customers in various working conditions, to provide customers with one-stop solution.
Our continuous innovation in technology, steady improvement in product quality and perfect service system help customers save cost, improve efficiency and create value for customers in the long run.
The unique performance advantages of Tiandi Mei atomizer are shown in the following aspects:
1. Stainless steel sprinkler head, spray evenly with water mist, 360° full coverage, no dead Angle spraying;
2. Large fog, small particles, good atomization effect, water consumption can be saved 70% ~ 80%, more safe, easy to operate!
3. Double layer noise reduction, with sound absorption interlayer in the middle, good noise reduction effect;
4. Stainless steel shell, more beautiful and durable.
Dust control: power plants, closed coal shed, docks, ports, mines and other high-pollution industries.
Heat control: government, schools, parks, squares, scenic spots, important activities, etc.
Emergency epidemic prevention: spraying large areas of farms and pastures and disinfection in and around the city.
Special purpose vehicle modification factory: mobile urban dust removal, greening and dust suppression special vehicle.
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