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SHANHUA MTU generators Provide reliable solutions for all of your power generator needs and have a wide power range from 300~3750kVA. The generators are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on.

● Performance: Best engines ensure the with best performance and the strongest power, which make sure gensets work smoothly.

● Customer service: Reliable global after sale service, which make sure customers have a worry free experience.

● Optimization: Shanhua make some improvements for engines, which make the engines more suitable for generators.

● Silence: Shanhua take use of two-step silencing with 5 cm thickness and high density mute cotton to low the noise. The generators could reach at 60 dbA/7m without loading and 62-65 dbA/7m with full loading.

● Elegance: Shanhua generators appearance is very fashionable and beautiful, with bright yellow color, which makes the gensets high recognition. Waterproof canopy use 2mm cold-rolled steel with powder painting to produce.

● Intelligence: Shanhua use world famous brand Deepsea controller to control and protect the genset. Push-to-start is very convenient.

● Design and Details: Considerate design is the aims and objectives. To make customers satisfied and optimize customers' experience, Shanhua focus on every detail and review every improvement at regular intervals. We will review the generator at least 3 times before the product get in market. At present, Shuanhua have make the changes and improvements on anti-collision rubber, stainless screws, doors, baseframe, wiring ways, oil drain valve and so on.

MTU Daimler - Benz Group of Companies, is the world's leading diesel engine manufacturer.  Shanhua MTU series high-power generator sets, powered by MTU electronic injection diesel engine, which will get 24 hour engine technical, after sale, parts support from more than 650 MTU dealer and service agent around the globe.
● Accessory drive
Single Poly Vee belt drive for fan, alternator and water pump, with self-tensioning idle for minimum maintenance

● Complete rebuild ability
Cylinder block has multiple rebore capability. Service cylinder sleeves and valve guides are also available

● Low fuel consumption
Excellent fuel consumption with B.S.F.C 215g/kw.h

● Cold start capability
Minimum ambient temperature for unaided cold start -12℃
Minimum ambient temperature for aided (with coolant heater) cold start -35°

● Wide range of genset applications
Customers around the world trust us to provide reliable power for a wide range of applications, such as health care, data centers, airports, manufacturing plants and independent power stations.

●Robust construction Our diesel gensets benefit from a design that means they are ready to operate in any situation–even extreme operations.

●Efficiency Low operating costs result from long maintenance intervals and an ultra-efficient, fuel-optimized operation.

●Eco-friendly Our diesel gensets fulfill emissions regulations easily as well as powering your operation.

●Heritage We have been designing and producing power generation solutions for more than 60 years, and all of this experience goes into your model.

●Industry-leading load factor85% load factor for standby applications and 75% for prime power.
ISO designed and manufactured Our facilities are certified to standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

●Advanced monitoring & communications Wide range of applications available from island operation to mains parallel operation.

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