Huali Electromechanical take you to know what is mobile generator set
Huali Electromechanical take you to know what is mobile generator set
Sep 16, 2022
Mobile generator sets generally include trailer mobile diesel generators and vehicle-mounted diesel generators. They have various structures and functions such as simple trailers, trailer power stations, mobile low-noise power stations, mobile container power stations, automobile power stations, and electric engineering vehicles. They are widely used in communications. Industry, power industry, municipal engineering construction, emergency rescue, etc.
Shandong Huali Electromechanical mobile generator set is designed and produced by our company. It has good operation performance and safety performance. It is equipped with fuel tank, suspension device, traction device, walking and auxiliary support device, etc., and can be added according to user requirements. Cable devices and other auxiliary equipment.
Features and advantages of mobile generator sets:

1. The cover is made of 2mm cold plate, which is corrosion-resistant, well-sealed, and has the functions of rainproof, moisture-proof and sand-proof;

2. Active hook traction, 180° turntable, flexible steering, to ensure safety during driving;

3. There are mechanical support devices at the four corners of the frame, and there are anti-skid platforms on three sides of the trailer, which is convenient for users to maintain and operate;

4. The four-sided windows and doors adopt automatic hydraulic support, which is convenient to open;

5. It has a reliable braking system to ensure the safety in driving;

6. The size of the car box is determined according to the specifications, and the color can be customized by the owner to ensure the appearance.
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