Trailer Generator
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Trailer generator set

Trailer type generator set

The trailer type generator set is also called the mobile generator set or mobile power station, equipped with a fuel tank, suspension device, traction device and walking and auxiliary support device, etc., which can add cable devices and other auxiliary equipment according to user requirements.

Trailer diesel generator set is convenient and reliable. It is an independent, complete power generation device and system.

The advantages of trailer generator set

  • The size of the trailer  generator depends on the specifications;
  • It is rainproof, dust-proof, and has good ventilation and heat dissipation;
  • The high-strength structural design can challenge various harsh construction environments;
  • Trailer diesel generator set is convenient and reliable.

Power range: 20~2000KVA

Voltage: 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V; 110/220V

Frequency: 50hz, 60hz

Engine brand:Cummins, Perkins,Volvo,Weichai,Yuchai

Alternator brand:  Stamford,Marathon,Shanhua

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