Container Generator
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Container generator

Container generator set

Container generator set (20KW-2000KW) as an emergency power supply, the capacity of the generator is large, the continuous power supply time is long, can operate independently, not affected by the power grid failure, high reliability, especially in some areas, the common utility is not very stable, the diesel generator as a backup power supply, both can play the role of emergency power supply, Through the reasonable optimization of the low-voltage system, some of the more important loads can be used when the mains power is cut off, so the diesel generator has been widely used in life. In addition, the whole unit can be directly transported as a standard container, which greatly saves transportation costs.

Characteristics of Huali container generator set

01 The container girder is made of square tube to improve the mechanical strength of the container and withstand higher dynamic load impact of the generator set.

02 Side doors are provided on both sides of the box to facilitate daily maintenance and overhaul; A ladder is provided outside the box.

03 The front and back of the container can be opened to facilitate the daily maintenance and repair of the generator and engine radiator.

04 The bottom of the container is equipped with the engine "three leakage" collection system to prevent the engine may appear "three leakage" and pollute the environment.

05 The control panel and output switchgear are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for daily operation and output cable connection.

06 Fuel tank and pipeline, oil discharge, silencer and so on have many unique design, much favored by users.

1000KW Container Diesel generator Details

Model HL1000GF                                         Power 1000KVA/800KW

Frequency 50/60HZ                                     Voltage 380/220v(voltage can be customized)

Optional Type Open/soundproof/trailer        Size of Open type 4350*1800*2350mm

Weight of Open type 8000kg

With Diesel Engine Brand&model Cummins KTA38-G5

Cylinders 12 V type                                    Bore*Stroke 159*159mm

Displacement 38L                                       Fuel Consumption at 100% Load 208g/kw.h

Speed Governor ECM

With Alternator

Optional Brands: Stamford/Leroy Somer/Mecc Alte/Marathon

Exciter type: Single bearing,brushless,Self-excited

Power factor: 0.8 

Voltage adjust range: ≥5%

Insulation Grade: H 

Protection Grade: IP23

With Controller

Optional brands: Deepsea/ComAp/Smartgen

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