Dust removal site of shanxi Longma Coal Industry second generation atomizer
Dust removal site of shanxi Longma Coal Industry second generation atomizer
Aug 13, 2020
Dust from open pit coal yard not only causes serious pollution to the environment, but also threatens the health of employees and residents working nearby, and also causes a large amount of coal to be unknowingly lost.
With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the concept of energy saving and consumption reduction, dust management has attracted more and more attention of enterprises and managers, and has become a problem to be solved.

The principle of atomizing dust removal is mainly to cover the surface of the dust with a layer of water mist protective film to play the effect of dust removal. Practice has proved that atomizing dust removal is suitable for coal storage yard of coal mines, power plants and other enterprises.

At present, water mist dust removal and dust suppression system are widely used to solve the problem of dust removal in coal yard, and the ideal dust control effect is achieved.
The method of water mist dust removal is simple to operate, economical and practical, and is a good way to solve the dust removal in coal yard at present.

In order to solve the dust problem in coal yard, Shanxi Longma Coal Industry purchased a batch of second-generation atomizer from our company. The atomizer can cover most of the coal yard area and effectively solve the dust problem by installing tower in several directions of coal yard and placing atomizer.
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