Do you know the application of diesel generator set in these fields
Do you know the application of diesel generator set in these fields
Nov 27, 2022

As a kind of emergency power supply equipment, diesel generator set can supply power in time when the mains supply is insufficient or there is no mains, which plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining normal production operation. And has been widely used in the following fields: enterprises and public institutions, real estate, construction sites, hospitals, banks, logistics, data centers, coal mines, breeding and so on.

1. In case of power failure and power restriction, most factories will choose to use diesel generator sets as emergency backup power supply to maintain normal production order and ensure timely delivery of orders.

2. Real estate developers use diesel generator sets as backup power in the construction process to avoid power shortage affecting the project progress. After the completion of the community, special backup fire generator sets will be equipped.
3. The hospital generator set is mainly used for emergency power supply support, which can meet the functions of low noise, self-start, stable power supply, timely power supply, and prevent the harm caused by power loss.
4. The generator set is essential for the mining industry. The daily lighting, underground operation, mining equipment, water pump, drilling machine and other tools are used for emergency electricity, and the special places where the main line cannot be reached also need the generator set for long-term main power generation.
5, for the data center, a power failure, is a major accident, so power failure is to resolutely put an end to. During a mains failure, the backup generator sets continue to provide power to the main data center equipment.
6, aquaculture farms are generally built in relatively remote places, electricity is not convenient, diesel generator set has become an indispensable part of its.
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