Omnidirectional intelligent transport AGV
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  • Omnidirectional intelligent transport AGV

It adopts the control technology independently developed by our company and cooperates with the simanc steering wheel. It can realize omnidirectional walking, including forward, backward, translation, turning on the spot, 0 turning radius, saving running space. With laser navigation, slam navigation, or magnetic stripe, two-dimensional code. Complete automatic handling work. Material transfer applied to various industries can also be customized according to different needs.


The system is mature, powerful, stable, safe and easy to operate.

Navigation method

Magnetic stripe, QR code navigation

Walking drive

Dual steering wheel drive (Simanc)


Forward, backward, pan, turn in place

Maximum walking speed

0-50m/min (customizable)

Maximum transport weight

1000KG (customizable, up to 20T)

Stop accuracy


Minimum turning radius


Drive power

Lead-acid battery or lithium battery (customizable)

Battery life


charging method

Manual charging (optional automatic charging) (charging time <8H)


Obstacle sensor + mechanical anti-collision mechanism double protection + emergency stop switch


400KG (except customized)

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