Type of generator set
Sep 7, 2020
Today, mainly to introduce the diesel generator set, diesel generator set is mainly diesel engine brand division, such as Cummins generator set, refers to the diesel engine brand!Generally can be divided into the following categories: Cummins generator, Perkins generator, Weichai generator, Shangchai generator, Yuchai generator, Volvo generator, MTU generator,
According to the application of diesel generator set can be divided into: main power supply, standby power supply, mobile power supply, emergency power supply

Main power supply: applicable to mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, and factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments!
Such as far away from the mainland islands, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, desert plateau barracks, workstations, radar stations!
Backup power: suitable for hospitals, Banks, construction sites, large supermarkets, data centers!
The main purpose is that although some power consumption units have relatively reliable network power supply, in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failure or temporary power failure, they are still equipped with self-supply power for emergency power generation.

Mobile power: Suitable for road maintenance, field construction!
Electricity generation facilities that are moved around without a fixed place of use.
Diesel generator sets have become the first choice for mobile power because of their light and flexible operation.
Mobile power is generally designed as a power vehicle, there are self-powered vehicles, there are trailer power vehicles.
Emergency power supply: Emergency generator sets are generally used in medical, commercial, financial, transportation and other sectors of the industry as backup generator sets.
Because these areas don't allow blackouts.
Once the power failure will affect business, causing economic losses, in large medical units if the power failure will also lead to life danger!
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