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Shanhua13KVA 10KW Silent diesel generator set

Generator set

Open / silent

Prime Power

10kw/ 13kva

Standby Power



400/230V, 380/220V, 220/110V

Diesel engine





Smartgen, DSE

Circuit Breaker



Open/ Silent type

Fuel Tank

Base Fuel Tank under 550kw, External Daily Fuel Tank above 550kw

Optional design

Container, Parallel Cabinet, Automatic Transfer Switch

Shanhua13KVA 10KW Silent diesel Generator Supply Scope

1. Engine

Brand-new engine

2. Alternator

Brand new brushless alternator 100% Copper wiring, Single bearing, IP21/22, H insulation class

3. Base Frame

Heavy duty steel base frame

4. Radiator

40℃ for open type, 50℃ for soundproof type

5. Vibration Damper

Vibration damper between Engine/ Alternator and base frame

8. Silencer

Industrial silencer with flexible bellow andelbow

9. Filters

Air filter,Oil filter and Fuel filter

10. Battery

Electric start and 24V charger, 12/ 24V storage batteries

11. Fuel Tank

Average8 hours base fuel tank

12. Tool Kits & Manuals

Standard tool kits and complete operation/ maintenance/ manuals for Generator/ Engine/ Alternator/ control panel, etc.

Shanhua Generator Options

1. Automatic Transfer Switch

2. CHINT, ABB and Schneider Breaker

3. Water Heater

4.  Lub-oil Heater

5. 50℃-55℃ Radiator

6.  Fuel level sensor

7. Low coolant level sensor

8. Extra air, oil and fuel filters

9. External Daily Fuel Tank

10.  Water-Fuel Separator

11. Controller options: Smartgen, Ruifeng, Deepsea

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