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Spray dust removal expert, what is the role and advantage of huali electromechanical fog gunner?

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Spray dust removal expert, what is the role and advantage of huali electromechanical fog gunner?

With the new environmental protection law and people's call to deal with the haze weather, the environmental dust removal industry has ushered in its spring.For the efficient dust removal equipment, people are not stingy to its praise, the fog gun has been known as the "anti-haze artifact."Based on people's attitude and determination of air pollution control, the fog gun-car will open up a new world in the field of environmental protection.The efficient dust removal efficiency and good reputation of huali mechatronic fog gunner have enabled it to enter the public's view smoothly.In the face of numerous manufacturers of fog gunners, huali electromechanical fog gunners have their own unique advantages:1. Added automatic reset function when the spray machine stops using, it will automatically reset to the initial position, saving the re-adjustment of personnel and facilitating transportation and placement.Second, added automatic drainage function when the spray is not used for a long time, the water discharge solenoid valve will automatically open, the water will be discharged from the pump, in winter to prevent the water pump from freezing.Iii. Lightweight design of distribution cabinet;External wiring adopts aviation plug connection, safe and firm, beautiful, generous, fashionable and novel.Four, the supporting power is flexible, can use three-phase 380V electricity, can also support the diesel generator set power supply.5. It can be fixed and installed on the concrete pouring platform, or the diesel generator set can be installed on the transport vehicle for power supply;Can also be used with sprinklers.


Vander-waalsforces motor sprayer used industries including environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, steel, coking, coal, coal-fired power plants, coastal ports, docks, construction, shipbuilding, ship repairing, fly ash, ChuHuiChang, public places, such as hot sites, to sum up, in any place, sprayer atomization effect significantly, won't produce water droplets and damp, not of metal equipment corrosion effect, can protect the safety of production equipment, and low cost, environmental protection and energy saving, quick installation, reasonable design, high cost performance, is not the choice of two dust market, the future development will be immeasurably, bright prospects.

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