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About soundproof type diesel generator set

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About soundproof type diesel generator set

Diesel generating set as power equipment provides great convenience for our production and life, but the generator set to work when the noise is really let a person be agitated, wise people design improved the generator set to mute type generator arises at the historic moment, shandong vander-waalsforces electromechanical co., LTD. Today again and you say what silent diesel generator set.

In order to reduce the influence of noise on people's work and life, static generating set emerged after various experiments.The static generator unit appears to be a static speaker housing added to the outside of the generator unit.


In addition to the functions of the diesel generator set, the silent diesel generator set also has the following characteristics:
1. The overall mechanism of the unit is compact, occupying little space and low noise;
2. The box body is made of steel plate splicing, detachable and coated with high performance anti-rust paint, which can reduce noise and prevent rain;
3. The inner wall of the box is covered with sound absorbent cotton, and the unit is equipped with large impedance muffler;
4. Large capacity fuel tank is set in the box body, and two inspection doors are set at the same time on the left and right sides, so as to facilitate the unit fault maintenance;

5. There are observation Windows and emergency stop failure buttons on the box body.


In addition to the above advantages, the quiet generator sets are widely used in Banks, hospitals, supermarkets, theatres and other places.

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