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So many diesel generators?Which one is more suitable?

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So many diesel generators?Which one is more suitable?

With the development of economy, the load of power grid increases gradually, and the phenomenon of power rationing occurs from time to time.As an alternative power source, diesel generator provides convenience for our production and life.Today, shandong huali mechanical and electrical co., ltd. will talk to you about the owners in the purchase of generating sets often doubt: diesel generator brand so many, which type of generating set more appropriate?

Communication, electric power, transportation, petroleum, petrochemical and other industries to the power supply configuration and continuous upgrading of demand, new infrastructure demand for electricity supply, economic development and urbanization of the demand for power supply, etc., based on the above reasons, think vander-waalsforces generator diesel generators as the main reserve power supply or have a large market.

At present, the brands of diesel generators produced by huali mechatronics include: huali cummins generator set, huali perkins generator set, huali Benz generator set, huali Volvo generator set, huali daewoo generator set, huali yuchai generator set, huali weichai generator set, huali shangchai generator set and other brands.

Diesel generator model has fixed generator set, mobile generator set, silent type generator set, container generator set and so on;According to the degree of automation, huali generating set can be divided into: ordinary generating set, self-start generating set, automatic generating set, cloud service generating set, etc.

When purchasing a generator set, the owner, faced with a wide variety of generator set manufacturers and generator set brands, often wonder: how to choose?

Next, power generator for you to answer, how to choose the right generator set.

First of all, the owner needs to know, what are the electrical equipment that needs to be powered by the generator set, what is the power, and what is the total power?

Secondly, the operating environment of diesel generator determines the type of generator set, whether it is fixed generator set, mobile generator set or silent generator set.

Thirdly, what is the budget of the owner?

What's more, what are the owners' requirements for the degree of automation of diesel generators?

Owner friends can screen several generator sets manufacturers, comprehensive comparison, field investigation.

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