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  • Huali disinfection fog gunner to fully support the outbreak of the war


    Diesel generator set is a type of ac power supply equipment of self-provided power station. It is a small independent power generation equipment, powered by internal combustion engine and driven by synchronous alternator.Modern diesel generator set consists of diesel engine, three-phase ac brushless Read More



    We are professional manufacturer of generator set,spray cannon,and AGV. For generator set,we can supply open type,soundproof type,mobiletype,containerizing type,synchronizing type,light tower,erc.All of them have been used everywhere in China,and exported to Asia,Africa,South Americe,etc. Read More

  • TDM spray cannon wonderfully appearing at the 126th Canton Fair


    On October 15, the 126th Canton fair opened. Shandong huali mechanical and electrical co., LTD was invited to attend the fair.This Canton fair, huali mechanical and electrical booth number is 3.1Y40, 3.1J48 Read More

  • What are the start-up methods for diesel generator sets?


    The manufacturer of diesel generator sets tells you that the startup and shutdown of diesel generator sets are divided into two forms, one is manual commissioning, the other is automatic switching control. Read More

  • Multi-function mine fog gun machine worker ground dust removal


    So far in terms of dust prevention and control, in addition to dust gun is more and more prominent, the advantages of the sprayer wind is strong, good penetrability, spewing water mist particle is very delicate, like the mist, like the wind cannons, so also called customer shoot sprayer or fog gun, Read More

  • Tiandi beauty high-end intelligent fog gun machine is like this


    Tiandi beauty brand high-end intelligent fog cannon is a patented product produced by shandong huali mechanical and electrical co., LTD., with small power, low energy consumption and long spray distance, it can save at least 30% energy and up to 50% energy compared with the same type of fog cannon i Read More

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