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The downside of lower water levels in cummins units

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The downside of lower water levels in cummins units

uirements of the cummins generator set with clear rules, but some drivers like to adjust the water temperature is very low, some close to the lower limit of water temperature, some less than lower limit value, it should be said that this is totally wrong, the water temperature is too low, for diesel generator set work is extremely harmful, low temperature, combustion in cylinder diesel generator sets conditions deteriorate, poor fuel atomization, burning gas, after the diesel generator set work easy rough, intensifying quzhou bearing, piston ring and other components damaged power reduction, efficiency is reduced, water vapor condensation in the cylinder wall, after burning caused by metal corrosion,That unburned diesel may dilute oil, lubrication conditions deteriorate, incomplete combustion fuel to form a colloid, easy to make the piston ring card within the fire ring grooves, sealing, resulting in a loss at the end of the compression pressure in the cylinder, the water temperature is too low, the oil temperature is the first, has thickened oil, liquid, oil pump pump oil quantity is little, so that oil supply shortage, combined with the crankshaft bearing clearance smaller, bad lubrication. 

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