Analysis of influent cause of diesel generator
Analysis of influent cause of diesel generator
Nov 20, 2020

Water inflow into diesel generator will lead to damage of diesel generator and reduce its service life. In serious cases, it may even directly lead to the complete machine being scrapped. According to statistics, technicians of Huali Have summarized several reasons for water inflow into diesel generator:

The engine room was flooded and the whole diesel generator set was immersed in water
Water enters the engine block from the smoke pipe on rainy days or for other reasons due to improper storage and protection of the unit
The cylinder cushion of diesel generator set is damaged, and the water in the water channel inside the cylinder block enters the unit
The waterproof ring of the wet cylinder liner is damaged. Water seeps into the oil path along the outer wall of the liner due to the high water level and pressure of the radiator
When the oil cooler of diesel generator is damaged, the oil cooler is circulated with water or coolant, or when the oil cooler is broken, the internal water will enter the oil circuit and the oil will also enter the tank and mix together
Water seal of diesel generator pump is damaged, causing water to enter the oil duct
There are cracks in the engine block or the cylinder head. Water seeps through the cracks due to sudden cooling or freezing crack in the block
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