How to use the generator set and send these steps to you
How to use the generator set and send these steps to you
Aug 18, 2020
After the owner purchased the diesel generator set, Huali suggested that operating and using the generator set according to the correct operating steps and using methods can extend the service life of the generator set to a certain extent.
Next, Huali generator to tell you about the actual operation of diesel generator steps.
1. Open the doors and Windows of the distribution room

The machine room doors and Windows must be kept open to ensure the ventilation of the machine room.

2. Diesel inspection of generator set

Check whether the diesel fuel in the diesel engine is sufficient and provide spare fuel tank if necessary.

3. Oil check of generator set

Check the oil tank of the generator set to see if the oil level is reasonable. It is at a reasonable position between the upper and lower lines. Oil should be added below the lower limit.

4, generator tank inspection

Check whether the diesel generator water tank antifreeze or cooling water is sufficient. In autumn and winter, Huali generator suggests to add antifreeze in the water tank to avoid freezing and cracking of the water tank in winter.

5. Before generating electricity, check whether the transmission switch is closed

If it is not closed, the generator should be started after it is closed to avoid electrical damage caused by insufficient voltage.
6. Start the generator set
Turn the key to ON, start the generator, and observe the water temperature (not higher than 80 ℃) and oil pressure (0.4-0.6pa) after the voltage and frequency of the generator set reach the standard.
7. Generator power generation index control
The refueling door of the generator set enables the output voltage to reach 380-100V and the output frequency to reach 50HZ.
8. Three-phase four-wire two-head switch operation
Conventional wiring: the brake is pushed to the upper end for power supply, the middle is disconnected, and the lower end is power generation.
In case of power failure, it shall be pushed to the middle, and then pushed to the lower end after all indicators of the generator reach the standard.
After the call, the generator is shut off and the knife is pushed to the upper end.
9. Power supply switch

The above is the actual operation steps of the diesel generator set, the owner friends can refer to the above content to use the generator set.
In practical application, Huali suggests using the generator set according to the generator set operation instruction manual, maintaining the generator set in time, and replacing the generator set parts in time, so that the diesel generator set can provide us with power supply for a longer period of time.

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