Note for diesel generator set used in hospital
Note for diesel generator set used in hospital
Sep 23, 2020
The application of diesel generator sets can greatly improve the power supply system of hospitals and provide a strong guarantee for the life safety of patients.
Because of the particularity and importance of the service object, the performance requirement of the unit is relatively high.
The following points should be noted for diesel generator set in hospital:

1. Diesel generators used in hospitals must be stable and reliable. It is recommended to choose Cummins, Perkins, Yuchai and other brands!
2. The use of diesel generators in such an environment and exquisite place in the hospital must be silent, which can ensure a quiet environment in the hospital, which is conducive to the patient's recovery.

3. The diesel generator set used by the hospital must be self-started. When the power is cut off, the diesel generator will start quickly and automatically switch off the power supply from the municipal power end, which is sensitive, high and safe.

4. The power generation equipment of the hospital is normally equipped with two diesel generators of the same power, one main and one standby.

If one of them fails, the backup diesel generators will be switched on immediately to ensure safety.

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